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Hi there! 
Welcome to the Edge Global eSports website.

We are a eSports Organisation as well as a community looking to grow further in as many games as we can. We currently have teams for League of Legends, we are looking at getting teams back into CS:GO, World of Warcraft and other popular games.

We are looking to grow as a family bringing in more members who are interested in gaming, making friends and more. We want to grow our community into other games as well as being able to host servers for such games as CS:GO, Minecraft, Unturned, The Isle as well as many many more. Our main aim at the moment it to try and see where people's interests lie and see what we can do for them as a community, if it is bringing people together to give you a member base to make friends, have more people to play with and have fun!

What we expect:

We are looking for people who are not afraid to pull their weight a bit, someone who is a team player and is looking to get involved in as many ways as they can. We are looking for anyone who is looking to have some fun, who has a passion for games like we do and a willingness to learn along the way. This will be a journey for all involved.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for someone who can show commitment to the community, someone with knowledge is always useful but not required, someone who is willing to listen and learn as we go, we don't want to have tell people off all the time because of their behaviour which is why we have rules put in place for everyone to read through and accept as a member of the community. We also are looking for people to step up and take charge of certain aspects of the community as well as promote the community in a professional manner. There will be other options available as we expand Edge Global to other games. As long as people are mature and can accept the consequences to their actions if anything bad does happen we shall all have fun and grow together as a family!
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30th Oct 2020
We've reached a record number of members, currently: 10
29th Oct 2020
We've reached a record number of members, currently: 5
29th Oct 2020
We've reached a record number of members, currently: 2
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